1. Dominic Cummings should beware pointless Whitehall reorganisation  Telegraph.co.uk
  2. Fox urges Johnson to merge Foreign Office and aid department  The Guardian
  3. Brexit risks being sabotaged by meddling pro-EU civil servants – Dr Fox’s warning to Boris  Express.co.uk
  4. Former trade minister asks: 'Do we really need an industrial strategy?'  Telegraph.co.uk
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  1. Boris Johnson deflects questions of funding on Stormont visit  The Guardian
  2. Stormont deal: Financial package 'falls way short'  BBC News
  3. Same sex marriage is finally legal in Northern Ireland  CNN
  4. Stormont funding package 'falls way short' - Finance Minister Conor Murphy  Belfast Telegraph
  5. Everything is going Boris Johnson’s way. When will his luck run out?  Telegraph.co.uk
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  1. There are at least 4 different ways of aging, scientists say  NBC News
  2. 'Ageotypes' provide window into how individuals age, study reports  Medical Xpress
  3. Scientists bring personalized medicine to the biology of aging - STAT  STAT
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  1. Stock Market News Live: S&P 500 reaches new record high as China tensions ease further  Yahoo Finance
  2. Dow Jones Futures: Apple, Facebook, Google Lead 2020 Stock Market Rally  Investor's Business Daily
  3. Wall Street hits record, boosted by trade and earnings optimism  Reuters
  4. Dow seeks to reclaim 29,000 as US-China trade deal signing approaches  Fox Business
  5. Wall Street opens near record highs ahead of trade deal, earnings  Yahoo Finance
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  1. 2020 primary race wide open on eve of Democratic debate  Los Angeles Times
  2. Tuesday's Democratic Debate In Iowa Lacks A Clear Favorite  NPR
  3. What you need to know about Tuesday's presidential debate in Iowa: When it is, who qualified, how to watch  USA TODAY
  4. Biden’s advantage is underestimated  The Washington Post
  5. Meet the moderators of the January Democratic debate: Wolf Blitzer, Abby Phillip, and Brianne Pfannenstiel  Vox.com
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  1. Morbius (2020) Teaser Trailer  Entertainment Tonight
  2. Morbius - Official Teaser Trailer First Look (2020) Jared Leto, Matt Smith  
  3. First Morbius trailer features a surprising Spider-Man/MCU connection  GamesRadar
  4. Morbius Is Part of the MCU With Spider-Man and Vulture - IGN Now  IGN
  5. MORBIUS - Teaser Trailer  
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  1. Abby Huntsman quits 'The View'  CNN
  2. Abby Huntsman out at ‘The View,' will join father's gubernatorial campaign: 'I’m saying goodbye'  Fox News
  3. Abby Huntsman to leave 'The View' to help steer her father's gubernatorial campaign  AOL
  4. Abby Huntsman departing 'The View' to run father's governor campaign  ABC News
  5. Abby Huntsman leaving ‘The View' to join father's gubernatorial campaign  New York Post
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  1. Crew Dragon faces its last big test before human spaceflight on Saturday  Ars Technica
  2. Elon Musk says a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is about to be "destroyed in Dragon fire"  Teslarati
  3. Max Q: The New Space new year  TechCrunch
  4. The first cookies baked in space are back on Earth!  Space.com
  5. SpaceX plans to test Crew Dragon's launch escape system on January 18th  Engadget
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  1. Exclusive: MLB hands down unprecedented penalties for Astros after sign-stealing investigation  The Athletic
  2. Astros' Jeff Luhnow, AJ Hinch fired for sign stealing  ESPN
  3. Update: Astros fire GM Jeff Luhnow, manager A.J. Hinch over sign-stealing scandal  Yahoo Sports
  4. BREAKING: Punishment for Astros’ Sign-Stealing Scandal Announced (UPDATED)  The Crawfish Boxes
  5. A's rival Astros receive historic penalties for scandal  NBCSports.com
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  1. Stardust older than the Earth and sun found in Australian meteorite  The Guardian
  2. Oldest material on Earth discovered  BBC News
  3. Scientists find the oldest solid material ever discovered  The Independent
  4. The Oldest Known Material on Earth Is Officially Older Than The Solar System  ScienceAlert
  5. 7-billion-year-old stardust discovered locked in meteorite fragments  CNET
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  1. How the solar system got its 'Great Divide,' and why it matters for life on Earth  Phys.org
  2. A Cosmic Gatekeeper Divides Our Solar System in Two  Livescience.com
  3. Mystery over ‘great divide’ in the solar system might finally have been solved, scientists say  The Independent
  4. 'Great Divide' in our solar system caused by pressure changes in protoplanetary disc  Daily Mail
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  1. Scientists use stem cells from frogs to build first living robots  The Guardian
  2. Living robots created as scientists turn frog cells into 'entirely new life-forms'  The Telegraph
  3. Scientists create first ‘living robots’ in major breakthrough  The Independent
  4. First 'living robots' designed on supercomputer  Guardian News
  5. Living robots created as scientists turn frog cells into ‘entirely new life-forms’  Telegraph.co.uk
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  1. This Harry Potter mod built inside Minecraft is seven years in the making  Eurogamer.net
  2. Modders build a full-fledged Harry Potter RPG inside Minecraft  PC Gamer
  3. Fans are creating a Harry Potter role-playing game inside 'Minecraft'  Engadget
  4. Attend Hogwarts with your chums in this Minecraft mod  Rock Paper Shotgun
  5. Sprawling Harry Potter World Created By Minecraft Modders  GameSpot
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  1. UK's economy grew at weakest rate for seven years in November  Sky News
  2. Brexit: Irish border issue could land UK in court, report finds  The Guardian
  3. Brexit: NI deadline is 'almost impossible' to meet  BBC News
  4. UK should give the EU fishing rights in return for financial services help, says Brussels' trade commissioner  Telegraph.co.uk
  5. EU will not be rushed into a deal before the end of 2020, Irish deputy warns  Metro.co.uk
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  1. Climate crisis likely to increase violent deaths of young people – report  The Guardian
  2. Global temperatures rising by just 3 degrees could lead to 2,100 Americans dying every year  Daily Mail
  3. Rising temperatures may cause over 2000 fatal injuries per year in the US  
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  1. Organ donation: new technique can preserve human livers for a week  The Guardian
  2. Machine seems to repair human livers and keep them alive for a week  New Scientist
  3. Machine keeps human livers alive for a week outside body  Leigh Journal
  4. Donor livers kept alive for a week and repaired in major transplant breakthrough  Telegraph.co.uk
  5. 'Medical breakthrough' machine can keep a donated human liver alive for a WEEK  Daily Mail
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  1. Ocean temperatures hit record high as rate of heating accelerates  The Guardian
  2. Why do record ocean temperatures matter?  The Guardian
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  1. Alien Species Invasions in Antarctica Predicted  SciTechDaily
  2. Mussels will be growing in ANTARCTICA in the next decade  Daily Mail
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  1. Meghan Markle is not a victim of media racism, insists Priti Patel  The Sun
  2. Priti Patel dismisses claims Meghan Markle faced racism in UK  Daily Mail
  3. Priti Patel dismisses claims Meghan has faced racist press coverage  AOL UK
  4. What next for the royal family after Harry and Meghan split?  
  5. Meghan is not victim of media racism, says Priti Patel  The Times
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  1. Oscars 2020: How diverse are the nominations?  BBC News
  2. 92nd Oscar Nominations  
  3. Amy Pascal, Saoirse Ronan & Florence Pugh: Greta Gerwig Oscar Directing Snub “Terribly Disappointing” & “A Big Blow”  Deadline
  4. Oscar nominations host Issa Rae takes a dig at all-male Best Director nominees  digitalspy.com
  5. Wow, the Oscars Really Did Greta Gerwig Dirty  NewNowNext
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  1. William Algar: Police investigating death of musician in Barnes find human remains  Sky News
  2. Human remains found near Hounslow Heath in search linked to William Algar's death  MyLondon
  3. Human remains found by police investigating alleged murder of musician  Evening Standard
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  1. After five years, police find out who was leaving bundles of cash in village  Sky News
  2. Blackhall Colliery: Cash in street 'left by Good Samaritans'  BBC News
  3. Bundles of £2,000 in cash hidden around village were left by two Good Samaritans  Mirror Online
  4. Mystery of envelopes containing £2000 in cash left around tiny village is finally solved  Grimsby Live
  5. Mystery behind £2,000 wads of cash left in ex-mining village over last six years is finally SOLVED  Daily Mail
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  1. Birmingham could become first UK city to ban private cars from its centre  The Telegraph
  2. Birmingham cars could be banned from driving through city centre  BBC News
  3. Birmingham traffic plan: Private cars could be banned from city centre  BBC News
  4. Birmingham could ban cars from driving through city centre  The Guardian
  5. Birmingham could ban private cars from driving through city centre  The Independent
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'Record number' of men had NHS surgery to repair snapped penises last year  Daily MailView full coverage on Google News
I’m dying of cancer at 31 but could’ve been saved by a smear test – if doctors had listened  The SunView full coverage on Google News
  1. A replacement for exercise? Scientists find a protein that boosts fitness without a workout  Daily Mail
  2. A protein called Sestrin might be responsible for many of the benefits of a good workout  Phys.org
  3. Benefits of Exercise Without Working Out? A Protein Called Sestrin Might Be the Answer  SciTechDaily
  4. Could A Pill Replace Exercise? Scientists Discover Protein Mimics Effects Of Working Out  Study Finds
  5. A naturally occurring protein may be responsible for many benefits of exercise  News-Medical.net
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  1. Katy Perry pays tribute to 'incredibly good looking, James Bond of a human being' Orlando Bloom  Daily Mail
  2. Katy Perry's Tribute to Orlando Bloom Proves Their Love is a Firework  E! Online
  3. Today's famous birthdays list for January 13, 2020 includes celebrities Ruth Wilson, Orlando Bloom  cleveland.com
  4. Happy Birthday, Orlando Bloom! See His Cutest Photos with Katy Perry  E! Online
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Megan Barton-Hanson beams as she leaves BBC Studios alongside on/off girlfriend Chelcee Grimes  Daily MailView full coverage on Google News
  1. Apple slashes value of iPhone, iPad, Watch, MacBook, iMac in shock move  Metro.co.uk
  2. Apple Issues Expensive Shock For Millions Of iPhone Users [Updated]  Forbes
  3. iPhone trade-in values: Apple cuts what you get by up to $100 globally  ZDNet
  4. Comment: My 2020 Apple wishlist focuses on iPadOS, iCloud, and HomeKit  9to5Mac
  5. Apple iPhone 12: Everything We Know So Far [Updated]  Forbes
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  1. Dramatic before and after images show the devastation of the bushfires  Daily Mail
  2. Australia fires: heavy rain and cooler temperatures 'unlikely' to end bushfire threat  The Guardian
  3. Can Australia's PM Scott Morrison recover from the fires? - BBC News  BBC News
  4. Australia is no longer the lucky country  Financial Times
  5. Taking action on climate is hard. Here are five questions to help Australia seize this moment  The Guardian
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  1. The EU will not be rushed into a Brexit deal by Boris Johnson's deadline, Ireland's Simon Coveney says  inews
  2. Boris Johnson will not force the EU to rush into a deal says Ireland's deputy PM  Mirror Online
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  1. Off-duty sheriff's detective struck and killed in California after aiding elderly woman, police say  Fox News
  2. Off-duty Los Angeles County Sheriff's detective killed after helping a person cross the street  CNN
  3. Off-duty Los Angeles officer killed while helping elderly woman cross the street  NBC News
  4. Off-Duty L.A. County Sheriff’s Detective Fatally Struck by Vehicle in Valley Village  KTLA Los Angeles
  5. Off-duty LA County sheriff's detective struck, killed by vehicle in Valley Village  KABC-TV
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  1. What We Learned in the N.F.L.’s Divisional Round  The New York Times
  2. Andy Reid stays the course, keeps his Chiefs on track for Super Bowl LIV  ESPN
  3. Chiefs-Texans was a classic, the future ... and a coaching apocalypse  The Guardian
  4. Chiefs tickets for AFC championship game go on sale Monday  KMBC Kansas City
  5. The Chiefs were choking. A fan left. They won. He swears he's a reason why  Yahoo Sports
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Potent strain of influenza B surging in SoCal  KABC-TVView full coverage on Google News
  1. As businesses hold back, U.S. consumers seen boosting big banks' profits  Reuters
  2. Central bank easing triggers record corporate bond issuance  The Australian Financial Review
  3. As businesses hold back, US consumers seen boosting big banks' profits  CNA
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Meet the women and men going to Mars! Thirteen new astronauts join NASA under the Artemis program, making them candidates for the first human exploration of the Red Planet set for the mid-2030s  msnNOWView full coverage on Google News
Mum found 'perfect' three-month-old baby girl dead on first family holiday abroad  Mirror OnlineView full coverage on Google News
  1. More than a million Britons buying cannabis illegally to treat illness  The Times
  2. More than ONE MILLION Britons 'are illegally using cannabis to treat illnesses  Daily Mail
  3. CMC calls on UK government to review medical cannabis policy  Health Europa
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Oscar nominations: 6 things to look out for  BBC NewsView full coverage on Google News
  1. Sir Keir Starmer would be a knightmare leader – he bulldozed Labour’s so-called Red Wall  The Sun
  2. Sir Keir Starmer says 'factionalism has to go' in bid for Labour leadership  Guardian News
  3. Labour leadership: MPs' dismay as hustings avoid towns  The Times
  4. Labour leader: Best bet Keir Starmer tarnished by middle-class, Remainer labels  The Telegraph
  5. Thornberry ally savaged by Sky's Boulton for backing ‘London liberal elite’ candidate  Express
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  1. If Trump Wins in 2020, Get Ready for President Don Jr.  The Daily Beast
  2. Will Mitch McConnell's impeachment strategy work? Kentuckians demand he stays the course. - The  The Washington Post
  3. The final test of Trump's domination of the GOP will have nothing to do with his reelection  Business Insider
  4. 'Small group' of Senate Republicans working to allow Trump trial witnesses  New York Post
  5. In Annapolis, conservatives in deep-blue Maryland strategize and commiserate  The Washington Post
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Samsung Galaxy S11: Everything We Know So Far [Updated]  ForbesView full coverage on Google News
  1. Bernie Sanders’s campaign goes on the attack as he seeks a victory in the Iowa caucuses  The Washington Post
  2. McCarthy says Pelosi holding articles of impeachment to hurt Sanders' Iowa chances  Fox News
  3. 'It means you're going to lose': Bernie Sanders answers Trump on rise in polls  The Guardian
  4. Biden is the Democrats' 'only hope' to defeat Trump | TheHill  The Hill
  5. Joe Biden is preferred candidate among black voters by wide margin, poll finds  CBS News
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Ford's vehicle sales in China tumble for third consecutive year  Yahoo FinanceView full coverage on Google News
  1. 1917 Blows Away Star Wars at the Box Office!  ComingSoon.net
  2. '1917' dethrones 'Star Wars' at the box office  CNN
  3. 'Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker': John Boyega Causes Fans to Attack Each Other on Social Media  Showbiz Cheat Sheet
  4. 10 Hilarious Star Wars Facebook Profile Pictures | ScreenRant  Screen Rant
  5. '1917' knocks 'Star Wars' out of top box office spot with $36.5M opening weekend  Fox Business
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  1. Kuo: All 5G iPhones on Track to Launch in Fall 2020, Including Both Sub-6GHz and mmWave Models  MacRumors
  2. Apple wants to totally rely on recycled parts for new iPhone models  PhoneArena
  3. Shot on iPhone 11 Pro — Chinese New Year — Daughter  Apple
  4. Analysts bullish that 5G, budget iPhones will give Apple very strong 2020  Cult of Mac
  5. Recycling robot 'Daisy' part of Apple's effort to end mining for resources  AppleInsider
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  1. Carrots falling from the sky: Australia drops 4,600 pounds of food, water from helicopters to feed hungry wallabies  USA TODAY
  2. As Australia fires rage, crews airdrop vegetables to feed starving animals  Fox News
  3. Australia is dropping thousands of veggies from helicopters for hungry animals escaping bushfires  CNN
  4. Thousands of pounds of food dropped from planes into Australia to feed animals amid devastating fires  New York Daily News
  5. Australia drops 4,000 pounds of food to save starving wildlife  ABC News
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  1. Mum relives moment she found her baby dead in hotel room during family holiday  Manchester Evening News
  2. Mum found 'perfect' three-month-old baby girl dead on first family holiday abroad  Mirror Online
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  1. Father and daughter both diagnosed with cancer at the same time  Mirror Online
  2. 'We've been really unlucky' - Meet the dad and daughter both fighting cancer  Stoke-on-Trent Live
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  1. Nasa is preparing to launch its most ambitious Mars mission ever  Wired.co.uk
  2. Mars’ water is evaporating away even faster than we expected  Digital Trends
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