1. Woman misdiagnosed with 'burst ear drum' actually had brain tumour  Mirror Online
  2. Woman diagnosed with a burst eardrum actually had a brain tumour  Daily Post
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WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES Nia Roscoe spent years going back and forth to the doctors because she was losing the hearing in her right ear before they found a tumour the size of a LEGO brick

Nia Roscoe, from Flintshire, started to lose the hearing in her right ear before she was correctly diagnosed

Scotland's first minister has said she met her predecessor three times after sexual misconduct allegations were made against him.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed she will refer herself to the panel of independent advisers on the Ministerial Code over her actions during an investigation into Alex Salmond. The First Minister said that she met Mr Salmond on three occasions and had spoken to him on the phone twice after sexual harassment allegations had been made by two women against

Nicola Sturgeon has finally bowed to pressure to order an inquiry into allegations she broke ministerial rules during five discussions she held with Alex Salmond about the sexual misconduct claims he faces.